Fishing in Alaska

Bounty of the Sea

Over the summer months, Alaskans will attempt to take advantage of the abundance of halibut, rockfish, and five species of salmon to fill their freezers for the next winter season. The immense surge of salmon begins with the arrival of tens-of-millions of Sockeye (Red) salmon, mixed with the largest and elusive Chinook (King) salmon. Huge schools of Pinks, Chums and Cohos (Silvers) will follow throughout the summer and fall seasons and will have runs numbering in the millions. All are sought for commercial catch and private subsistence.

For those that have the capability to fish the ocean depths, halibut and rockfish are favorite freezer-fillers.  Rockfish tastes like lobster and generally one large halibut will make many healthy meals for a family.

Careful processing is a must to avoid waste and preserve the high quality and flavor of such a fantastic food source.  Alaskans are fortunate to be able to enjoy the bounty of the sea.

All images © Dave Parkhurst