Moose Calves are all legs

Moose Calves

During Alaska's spring and early summer, when driving, walking your dog, out on a hike, riding your bike, or just out and about … you need to stay aware! Cow moose are birthing their calves all over the state and a mama moose is a force to be reckoned with when protecting her young.

Just as it is with most "mothers," you do not want to tangle with an enraged cow moose … ever! So being alert with your surroundings and giving them plenty of space when they are in the area will generally avoid any confrontations.

Twins and single calves are relatively common, and on rare occasions triplets have been observed.  They are "all legs" and cute but they are wild and need to be treated as such. Enjoying their playful frolics are always fun to watch … from a distance … as they try to figure out the world around them and learn to survive as they grow.

All images © Dave Parkhurst