ice crystal photos

Ice Art

Sub-zero temperatures, humidity, winter's snowload, tidal forces, water salinity, compression, decomposition, sun, shadows, rain, winds, and snow!

All these factors and numerous other variables create "Ice Art" in the natural world … some creations taking centuries to be built, some produced in months, weeks, or days.

Some of these forms, such as massive glacial icebergs, are resculpted and change structure every day as hourly patterns shift. Some of the more intricate and delicate forms, such as "ice needles," "ice feathers," or "methane bubble columns," are shaped & locked in time but last for only all or part of a winter's season.

Each and every one of these formations are as unique and one-of-a-kind as fingerprints … however they have a few things in common.

Three of the most important things they have in common … freshwater, saltwater and weather variants … all these ice marvels, in countless forms, have appeared and disappeared around our world across the eons.

All images © Dave Parkhurst