What's Global Citizenship?

A global citizen is defined in many ways, with no one single correct answer. At the core of global citizenship is the desire to reach out past the local community to learn about the world.
A global citizen is someone who wants to be a part of the world's development & evolution. Seeking to understand, know, and communicate with people from diverse cultures, regions, and locations is a key element to becoming a global citizen.
By seeing the world through a variety of perspectives and lenses, global citizens work together to address some of the major issues of the 21st century. The global opportunities are boundless and much of the world's leading organizations are looking to global citizens to become innovators, collaborators, and advocates for the world.
The definition of global citizenship and global education is so diverse, therefore we invite you to explore the Global Resources tab from the main page, which includes a link to a Google + Collections page filled with a plethora of videos and web-based resources to further enhance an understanding of global citizenship. Empowerment starts within each of us as a desire for knowledge and a curiosity for exploration.


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