International Dot Day

How to Get Involved

Go here to see all the opportunities available to celebrate International Dot Day with virtual connections, free printable templates, and join in with classrooms across the globe and celebrate making our mark on the world. Together, we find we become who we are by making a mark, to see where it goes — just like how we connect classrooms to see the power in the process.

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Here's the video we made in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Dot Day Posters

Our Dot Day Partners

International Dot Day is inspired by the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds, in which one young person named Vashti finds confidence by never giving up, commits to starting somewhere and seeing where it takes her. This inspirational story has become a movement to "celebrate creativity, courage, and collaboration." Each year thousands more students across the globe join in the fun and celebrate to share how they will make their mark on the world.

Here in Alaska, we connect with the world through technology to share how we will globally "make our mark." Join us!

You are a global citizen

Life Across the World

We are Global Citizens. Watch our amazing video (password is Thundercats) on the link between peace and being a global citizen! Then share your thoughts with us.

K-5th students Jesse Bobo Elementary, Spartanburg, South Carolina

We participated in Dot Day as a home project as we were distance learning at the time. Thanks for including us!

Desanka Maksimovic School, Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate International Dot Day, inspired by your presentation. We liked your presentation very much. Together we watched the story The Dot, and created something, we hope you will like it. 

Government Girls Community Model Elementary School Basti Pir Bakhtiar Sharif kallur kot, Bhakkar Punjab, Pakistan

We are public sector school teachers. We are trailblazers pioneers in embedding internalization, digitalization, and global dimension to curriculum. We enjoy connecting for Dot Day.

6-7th grade students, Sola school, Norway

We had a lot fo fun making dots. We are learning about the countries of the world this year. In our school we are not formal, so the students call me Kitty. Thank you for partnering with us.

Miss Calvillo's 2nd graders
Julián Carrillo School, Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Our students do not speak English, but we were able to participate by reading The Dot in Spanish and using a translator. Enjoy!

Bakersfield, California

Plantation Elementary 3rd Grade Class

Bakersfield global citizens

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Three Oaks Elementary 1st Grade Class

After reading the story, students collaborated on making their MARK!

Baldwin, Michigan

4-5th Grade Honors Choir students

The Dot Song

OOOhhhhh-I am so proud of this video! Here are my 4-5th Grade Honors Choir students singing, "The Dot Song" We also had a Skype lesson with Michelle Carton's students in Anchorage, Alaska, made music note dots, and covered our school with art murals!

See the video here.


Thank you for the invitation, our kids loved reading the book and got inspired to draw and make their contribution!

Brazil read the book


North Nazimabad Primary Branch II


Hi, I am Ambreen Karim. My kids enjoyed working on this project and used online apps for showing their creativity.

Sri Lanka

Bandaranayake School, Veyangoda

Posters and students

See the Sri Lankan posters and more student photos here.