Conference Presentations

Professional development conferences, seminars, and classes are a great way to enhance the global learning and development for students, patrons, and communities. Here are links to session presentations, available for your reference. If you missed a presentation or couldn't attend the entire presentation, feel free to use these presentations as learning tools.

Upcoming Presentations/Events

International Dot Day, September 15, more information and resources here.

Alaska Cross Content Conference, Anchorage AK: October 25-27, download flyer here, visit website here.

2019 Summer/Fall Presentations

GTI: Anchorage, AK: "Catalog for Good Teaching Institute"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 7: Session 1: "Engagement & Classroom Mgmt: Developing Global Citizenship"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 7: Session 2: "Virtual Field Trips and Learning Opportunities"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 7: Session 3: "Innovative Library Practices"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 8: Session 1: "Global Technology for Elementary Educators"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 8: Session 2: "Innovating WIN with Google Classroom"

GTI: Anchorage, AK: August 8: Session 3: "Global Technology for Secondary Educators"


2019 Winter/Spring Presentations

ASDSA June 3rd-4th, 2019, Anchorage, Alaska: Creating Global Learning Mindsets In Time Crunches & Tight Budgets

SXSW Edu: Austin: Going Global with the School Librarian of the Year

AKLA 2019 Juneau, AK: Embracing Diverse Books

TCEA Convention: Advancing Teaching and Learning with Technology in Education

ALA Midwinter 2019 (Seattle): Creating Global Libraries

2017-2018 Presentations

Anchorage School District Librarians Inservice: Making Global Libraries

BHS 2018 (Cobano, Costa Rica): Resources for Global Educators, Sustainable Development Goals & Beyond

AKLA 2018: Ed Tech Superstars

AKLA 2018: Going Global Libraries

ASDSA 2018: Creating Global Learning Mindsets

Librarians as Global Educators

Global Education Leadership Conference: Implementing Ed Tech for Global Competence