Photo Gallery of Activities

Images are a great way to showcase our journey to becoming global citizens and are divided into particular events or themes, with a brief introduction for each. You are welcome to make the images bigger, and share with friends. We look forward to sharing our journey with the world. For more pictures, and more depth about particular events, please see our Global Learning Blog.

Conservation in Costa Rica

The Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica is a rehabilitation center that works with a variety of animals, including sloths and anteaters. We got to learn about these incredible creatures through exploring by the seat of your pants. Go here to watch our whole session and learn what we did!

Middle School author, Kim Ventrelli

Starting the 2019 school year with Virtual Passport Journals and global learning opportunity from Middle School author, Kim Ventrelli. By connecting with established authors around the world, we are learning to find the writer within.

Fossil Fuels

By learning about fossils of the past, we can learn about preservation of the future and how life has evolved over time. Getting a chance to virtually visit Wyoming, we are fascinated by the geology, learning how fossils are preserved and why it matters, as well as how fossils become fossil fuel.


Earth Day 2018

Learning about our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the earth is central to becoming global citizens. We got a chance to test our local water through EarthEcho Challenge, make bird feeders, and clean our campus. 


At Tudor Library, for Makerspaces, students thrive on opportunities to design, engineer, create, and collaborate with peers. Thanks to DonorsChoose and other community grants, we have a variety of materials to explore the idea of creative making and engineering. 

Learing to Appreciate Wasps

This exploration led us to understand major differences between bees and wasps and to appreciate the value of wasps. Patrick Kennedy, a Nat Geo Young Explorer from Bristol University in the UK was our guest teacher. See the video.

2018 Dia De Los Muertos

Students from kindergarten to sixth grade participated in the creation of our elaborate altar showcase: from canvas paintings, to poetry, dedications, and artistic renditions, it was a beautiful showcase. The event itself was held at the Experience Alaska Theatre.

Student Voices

Students engaged in authentic global learning begin to understand the power of their voices. Many young people are uncertain about speaking up, and finding alternative ways to get their message out has been an incredible opportunity. Youth voices are powerful. 

America Recycles Day

Young Global Citizens learn about the power of their part, whether it's learning that polyethylene film is the stretchy plastic that can be recycled or that most of the parts of batteries can be recycled. These recycling superheroes are powered up!


Moroccan Thank You's

Our friends from Morocco sent us a package that included thank you cards for our donated books, writing guides to write our names in Moroccan Arabic and the native Moroccan language, as well as art to share parts of their culture.

Discovery of Global Populations

Students begin understanding the connections between most/least populated locations and the global challenges & opportunities. Learning about the world is to understand the people who reside within the world. Sometimes the most populated places are not the biggest. 

Hearts on Fire Visionary

Students have opportunities to learn about becoming youth leaders by Hearts on Fire Visionaries. In this session, Daniel Meyer, founder of Under a Tree imparted wisdom on finding a passion and using it to guide ethical civic engagement.

Sharing our Program

Our facilitator, Michelle Carton, got the opportunity to share our success and program on an in-studio morning TV program.

Follett Challenge

Our Young Global Citizens program was honored to be named the prestigious 2018 Follett Challenge Grand Champions and be presented with a large check for our library, opportunities for students, special guests, and even Liv from @thelivbits.

Pen Pal Projects

We connect with students around the world, exchanging pen pal packages to experience each other’s cultures, through food, art, education, and treats! We create personalized cards and letters, exchanging pictures and items to truly learn about each other.