Connect with Global Educators

In order to develop young global citizens to the world, and to each other, we need opportunities to connect with other educators around subjects related to Global Citizenship Education. Click below for social media based groups to connect with educators around the world. Note: The first group listed, Global Citizenship Education, is managed by Global Education Alaska 

Global citizenship education

Global Citizenship Education

Facebook Group: A key component to becoming a global citizen is connecting with the world. This new group is designed to perform as a platform for communication with teachers around the world looking to create projects, find collaborators, reach out for pen pals and Mystery Skype/Zoom/Hangouts.

Facebook group

Teach SDG's Facebook Group

SDG's Facebook Group: The Global Goals Educator Task Force launched its #TeachSDGs mission in hopes that other educators would rally around a single vision: a world where this roadmap to a better humanity is introduced and explored in every classroom on earth.

Development goals

Sustainable Development Goals Facebook Group

Sustainable Development Goals Facebook Group: Space to spread the concepts and experiences of ODS

Collaboration on Facebook

Global Classrooms Collaboration Facebook Group

Global Classrooms Collaboration Facebook Group: This group is created for Teachers / Educators / MIEExperts / Lecturers and Professors. You can share your thoughts, ideas, projects here.

Skype group

Skype in the Classroom Enthusiasts Facebook Group

Skype in the Classroom Enthusiasts Facebook Group: This is a group for Teachers / Educators / Lecturers / Experts who use Skype in the Classroom.