Why Alaska?

As the largest state in the nation, Alaska houses 54 school districts spread out across rural villages, islands, chains, and suburban neighborhoods in a manner that makes Alaska extremely unique in its access to natural resources, cultural preservation, and opportunities to learn from its history.

Housing the most diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods, villages, and schools in the nation, there is a great advantage to embracing what we have while embarking on developing sustainability for the future.

Global Education can springboard Alaska's infrastructure and sustainability to new heights. We are at the ground floor of this grassroots movement.

We have the opportunity to capitalize on our immense student diversity and enriched cultures, while developing critical social and emotional skills students need to be successful:

Global Education allows students to explore the world in order to comprehend and appreciate a variety of perspectives. With this, they can communicate effectively across the world to address global and local issues and opportunities, teaching students how to take action.

We can sustain our economy and address social issues by teaching our children to think globally and act locally. Alaska needs global education.

Inspiring Positivity is Often the Best Way to Start