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We believe learning should be exciting, memorable, and engaging! Virtual Field Trips and Virtual Learning are incredible ways to connect personally with the world and learn directly from the experts. From musicians to scientists, conservationists and farmers, Library LIVE brings the experts right to your personal learning space.

If you missed a session, you can still learn by clicking on the sessions below, watching, learning, and creating questions. If you have questions you would like answered, send us a message and we will get it straight to an expert! 

Inviting and Igniting Young Engineers 

Most of us have heard of Engineering ... but do we really know what engineers do? Engineers are changing the world as we know it — and we are all born as natural engineers. So, how do we embrace our inner engineer and gain excitement about solving the world's problems? This session will leave students ignited to explore engineering. A great way to start is by learning how to make your very own video game! All the resources and inspiration are delivered in this session with our spectacular global engineer, Alex Cordes, with Understated Engineering, live from Norway. We learn that over half the cars in Norway are electric. Check out Green Car Reports to learn why. Interested in playing a video game that allows you to be an engineer? We all know Minecraft is awesome, but also check out Stardew Valley. Empowering scientists and artists of the future, Arduino has cool education resources for teachers and students. Tinkercad is another great way to engage students in engineering. Like the idea of building a solar racecar? Check out the Bridgestone Solar World Challenge. Find air-based, super-speed-levitation travel as fascinating as we do? Check out Hyperloop and one particular collaborative group, Paradigm Hyperloop. Learn more about space visionary Elon Musk and Space X. Wow, check out the walking robots at Boston Dynamics. Check out this video to learn more about Hydrofoils. For more engineering activities, see Global Education Alaska homepage and Fun-a-Day

Alaska and Bats, Oh My! It's the Bat Lady!

"Bat" for another session, with even more "batty" information, we host The Bat Lady, Kristen Lear, to learn about the five Alaskan bats, check out adaptations of the over 1,400 species of bats, and ask lots of questions about what makes bats unique. Did you know bats are the only true flying mammal? This and other amazing facts along with incredible visuals in photos and videos, guide us to understand a bit more about why bats are SO important to our world and so exciting to learn about! Want to learn more about helping to save the bats? Become a part of The Bat Squad at Bat Conservation International. Want to learn more about Kristen Lear, and reach out to The Bat Lady? Check out her website. The Homeschool Scientist has all sorts of batty activities and interesting facts about bats. Maybe your class would be interested in adopting a bat? See Bat World Sanctuary Kid's Page. Turn your batty adventures into bat crafts with the resources at If you want to have your very own bat house and help in the conservation process, check out this one on Amazon, (which ships to Alaska-YAY!).

Sanctuary Care Farming, with Sanctuary One

Farm animals are definitely cute, and when you add in a positive impact, a place like Sanctuary One Care Farm in Oregon is a great place to learn about them. As a Care Farm, Sanctuary One uses animals as therapy for people, provides an opportunity to build stewardship, and rescues animals that were kept as pets but had to be removed from homes. For teachers interested in building Nature Stewards in your class, check out this Stewardship Education Guide from Association of Fish & Wildlife. "Learning to Give" also provides good stewardship information for Teachers. Edutopia has good resources for developing service learning in classrooms. My favorite resource for developing local and global citizens through service learning is Kid World Citizen. An awesome resource for kids to think about the world and their relationship with it is World's Largest Lesson.

Exploring the Images in the Solar System with SPIF

We have a fascinating solar system. Much of what we have learned so far is from space explorations and missions. Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility (SPIF), in partnership with NASA, housed at Cornell University, studies all the of the images we have captured in the universe, and WOW are they amazing! In this session, we explore why Jupiter looks so cool, why Mars has dust devils, why Mercury hasn't been explored as much, why Venus is called our sister planet, and more, through beautiful images delivered by SPIF Space Communicator Expert, Zoe Ponterio. SPIF has lots of resources for teachers and classrooms, including setting up a one-on-one Virtual Field Trip of your own. Want to explore why Mars has landslides? Check out Universe Today. Curious about The Big Crunch and The Big Freeze (theories about how the universe would end)? See Astronomy Magazine. Travel a little into the "What-if" of the Big Crunch Theory with the YouTube Channel Unveiled. Astronomy Magazine explores the difference between dark matter and dark energy. Learn about NASA's Juno Mission on Jupiter

NASA Psyche Mission to the Asteroid Belt

NASA Psyche Mission, launching in August 2021, will be a unique exploration to the asteroid Psyche, which, with metal as a building block of planet formation, may open up a whole new world of learning about the formation of planets. Learn more about this fascinating mission, and explore the learning resources at Psyche's website. Learn more by watching Meteors at Mr. DeMaio's video. Find out about the formation of the planet (planetesimal) at Peekaboo Kidz. Learn about a planetesimal, or the beginning (small) formation of a planet, at Universe Today. A fascinating piece of today's Space Exploration shares about the Europa Clipper (Moon of Jupiter). The best part is checking out SkyView, the app that allows you to explore the sky and be told right away what you are looking at. Download SkyView - an app that helps you explore the sky in real time for ipad and iphone here and on Google Play.

Studying Animal Ecology & Hummingbirds with Nat Geo Explorer, Anusha Shankar

Animal Ecology is a fascinating science career which studies animal behaviors. In this session we learn about the experiments and incredibly interesting ways to learn about the unique adaptations of hummingbirds. Did you know that hummingbirds are always on the edge between life and death, balancing eating to gain energy and constantly burning energy. At night, they experience torpor. To learn more about torpor, check out this video. Learn about hibernation here. Love animals and want to keep learning about them and the natural world? Become a Naturalist or Citizen Scientist! If you are curious how to do this, simply go outside in nature, and pay attention to the natural world, take notes of what you see, and identify living things. Curious about identifying what you see? Download the apps, "Google Lens" and "iNaturalist" where you can share your findings with a broader audience and engage in naturalist project. Check out citizen science projects for kids at PBS Kids. For older students, Reserva Youth Land Trust has compelling resources to build passion in young people. Want to be a birder and share your bird sightings? Check out eBird. Another fascinating way students can engage and help scientists is by counting penguins and watching for pollinators at Zooniverse. Try tracing bird beaks at Mark My Birds. Nat Geo has a resource available that engages in citizen science.

Compassion In Action with Awesome Youth Author, Shelly Brown

How do we see the awesome in all people, and what does that have to do with storytelling? This high energy session highlights how we come up with ideas for stories while we are also becoming the best we can be. Did you know that most stories, especially realistic fiction and historical fiction stories, often have real life lessons to teach about how to navigate the real world? But how do authors, and we as storytellers, do that? Why are these stories enjoyable? Discover how you can be totally awesome, find the awesome in others, and help make the world a better place with award winning author, Shelly Brown. To learn more about Shelly and her books, check out her website. Interested in engaging intermediate students as storytellers? Check out this YouTube video. Here's how to engage younger learners in storytelling.

Exploring Mars and Earth with Planetary Scientist and Professor, Dr. Audi Matias

Our solar system is fascinating and NASA planetary missions (along with other countries' missions) have shown us so much about Mars. This visual session helps us understand the connection between Earth and Mars directly from the expert. We see what is happening with Perseverance and what we are hoping to understand. If you would like to understand craters more, and gets hands-on with science, check out this DIY crater-making activity. Another fun and engaging Ejecta Pattern science project can be found on URSA Explore. Check out some cool Ejecta Patterns here. Learn more about Regolith Deposits at Kiddle. Curious about the fascinating Mars Ingenuity? Check it out at Nasa's Ingenuity Promotional video is really cool, check that out at NASA. Learn more about the voice behind the Mars Perseverance landing, Swati Mohan.

Protecting our Keystone Species with Alisha Seaton

This fun, highly visual and energetic session takes us on a journey into understanding the role of keystone species while also learning about the unique adaptations of the rhino and elephants. This session is good for all ages. Check out the Coexisting with Wildlife Documentary. See the IUCN List of Threatened and Endangered Species. Learn some fun elephant facts here. San Diego Zoo Kids has great learning tools. Teachers: Consider taking your kiddos on a fun virtual field trip (FREE) to an Elephant Sanctuary!

Saving the Cotton Top Tamarins, LIVE from Colombia

Nat Geo Award Winning Conservationist, Rosamira Guillen, embarked on a mission 15 years ago to spread awareness and create conservation efforts for these uniquely beautiful primates, Cotton Top Tamarins, that are located only in one region of Northern Colombia. In this session, discover how uniquely similar the Cotton Top Tamarins behaviors are to humans, while learning how they are equally so different; for example, their poop is solely responsible for the rich biodiversity in the Northwestern section of Colombia. This inspiring session introduces the intertwined role that the environment, the community, and the culture embrace, in one small corner of the globe. Leave inspired to learn more, and consider conservation in your own community. Check out this activity guide, created by a team of people, including our presenter. Learn about this unique primate species at Proyecto Titi. Discover more about the Cotton Top Tamarins on Animalia. Learn to do the Cotton Top Tamarin Dance. Check out Cotton Top Tamarin Vocalizations

Igniting the Inner Storyteller with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle C. Olson

Do you enjoy telling stories, making YouTube or TikTok videos? Are you curious about the world around you? Do you love to make people laugh or become intrigued? This FABULOUS session with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle Olson, is beyond inspirational. It truly is a must see. Check out more about Kyle Olson. Learn more about filmmaking for kids. Visit the New York Film Academy Intro Basics for Filmmaking. Want to do what Kyle did and connect with famous people? Here is the Addresses of Famous People List. Film Freeway, where you can find film contests and festivals to submit your film, is really cool for aspiring filmmakers. As a fun introduction to film, check out this Stop Motion Animation Project (a beginning filmmaking project made by MC Global Librarian).

Teachers/Parents: AK Public Media and Indie AK films (as mentioned in this session) are great ways to make the storytelling unit local and connected; MC created this slide-deck resource to use AK Public Media-Indie Alaska Films) Want to take your students on a storytelling journey? Here is a link to the Front side template I created after doing the Indie AK Films Exploration, and here is the Back side of the template.

Morro Bay Southern Sea Otters

Grab your pencil and paper and be prepared for an incredible learning and discovery experience as we travel to California's Morro Bay State Park, with California PORTS, to visit the Southern Sea Otters. With fascinating adaptations, these incredible marine mammals are sure to delight and inspire us all. With only 3,000 Southern Sea Otters left in the wild, it is a delight to share in the scientific observations of this unique marine weasel. Learn more about all sea otters here. Find out more about the Morro Bay Sea Otters. California PORTS is one of MC the Global Librarian's favorite Virtual Field Trip programs. If you are a teacher and interested in taking your class to learn live and, interactively, go to California State Parks.

Adventures with YouTube Sensation, Mr. Clown

Want to see our youngest students come alive? Mr. Clown, the YouTube sensation and lovable puppet and friends, blends learning with lots of fun, dancing, and music. It is brought to you by Emmy Award winning writers! This session is a hit! IMBD describes "The Adventures of Mr. Clown is a comedic children's educational series focused on helping children overcome the Word Gap so they can ultimately achieve success in life." Check out Mr. Clown's Fun YouTube Channel and Mr. Clown TV (an engaging learning website). Teachers, are you interested in having Mr. Clown visit your classroom, one-on-one? Global Education Alaska has a special opportunity for you! Contact MC Global Librarian here to set it up on your schedule.

Movements and Motion: Science with the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Jerry Csaki

Ever wonder what makes football so interesting and exciting to watch? You might have never guessed it relates to science. WOW, this is a cool learning opportunity to see some of Pro Football's best players showcase their Movements and Motions. This session introduces classes to Newton's Law of Motion, inertia, gravity, and force. Want to play a fun game? Here's how to make a paper football and here are the instructions for game play. Interested in more fun science and football? Here is Mark Rober's Kicking Machine fun and behind the scenes. Want more fun, see science and engineering with Mark Rober. Check out this printable poster of Newton's three Laws. Teachers, find more Pro NFL teaching materials and virtual field trips here.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee 

Elephants can't speak for themselves to tell us what they need; it's up to us to care enough to find out all about them so that people find a passion for protecting this unique species. In this session, we learn about the three kinds of elephants, two of which call the Elephant Sanctuary their retirement home. We will learn a lot of fun information about their diet, their personalities, habits, and body adaptations! The Elephant Sanctuary is the place where elephants go to find peace and enjoyment, much like how our own sanctuaries make us feel. You can take a look at LIVE elephant cams here and learn more about the sanctuary here. Learn more about African Elephants (in general) here. Learn more about Asian Elephants at this Nat Geo Kids page.

From Alaskan Animals to Dinosaurs From Long Ago

We love dinosaurs, and so did Alaska the long, long ago. In this session, we learn of all the cool aspects that tell us what animals are predator vs. prey, from animals here in Alaska today, to the dinosaurs that roamed millions of years ago. Check out what is happening with paleontologists today here in Alaska, and what they look for when finding signs of dinosaur life. Curious to know more about dinosaurs in Alaska? See The 4 Coolest Dinosaurs to Roam Alaska here. Check out this cool site about Alaskan dinosaurs at Thought Co

All About Space Exploration and Mars Rover Perseverance

Learn about exploring the planets. It is fascinating to live in a time where what is happening in space can be shared in real time in the classroom. February 18, 2021 marks an incredible time in history as the fifth Mars Rover in history, Perseverance, lands on Mars. Learn more about the planets, what is happening in space, and especially this mission from Planetary Scientist and Planetary author, Philip Stooke. Watch Perseverance Rover Landing Live on Feb. 18, 2021 @ 10:15 a.m. AKST on the Mars 2020 website. Check out "The 7 Minutes to Mars" video to learn about how and why this is most dangerous landing yet.Take a look at the Perseverance Rover Landing Site Map (interactive) and other NASA Mars videos. Go more in-depth about all things space, check out Unmanned Space Flight. To learn more about Philip Stooke, check out The Planetary Society.

Great Plains Black History Museum

Visit the Great Plains Black History Museum to take a guided video tour of the Museum and learn about the Omaha Coco-Cola Boycott, Ice Cream Equality, and Red Tail Aviators. Learn more about the history, contributions, and culture of African Americans, particularly in the Great Plains region of our country. Learn more about Black culture at our Black History Learning Board. Visit the Great Plains Black History Museum.

The Nutcracker, Ballet, and Pantomime, Oh My! 

Check out Alaska Dance Theatre's Artistic Director, Niki Maple, as she teaches us a bit of ballet, pantomime, and about the Nutcracker. See more of ADT's quarantine nutcracker production. Check out more about Ballet at Kiddle. To learn more about Alaska Dance Theatre, check out their website. Discover more about the Nutcracker. Curious about the actual Nutcracker (object)? Check out Kids Love Nutcrackers.

Becoming a Picture Book Writer, Kristyn Crow

Kristyn Crow, established children's book author, shares her experiences and processes, while inspiring us to become writers and illustrators. Interested in where to get started? These fun templates, created by MC the Global Librarian, make character creation fun: Create a Character Adventure and Fun with Characters Challenge. If you are interested in making comics, check out Make Beliefs Comix. Need inspiration or ideas for yourself or students? Check out Plot Generator! Want to have fun with words? Check out Kids Magnetic Poetry (online) or Poetry Machine. Want to create your first book? Check out Story Jumper.

NFL Hall of Fame: "The Most Inspiring Place on Earth"

Did you know that football wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for the powerful teamwork by players? Football is one of the few sports that relies on the work, dedication, and commitment of each and every player. What an epic look into the history of football and the NFL. Take this google earth, map, and street-view journey into the coolest sports museum around! Learn more about the fascinating history of the NFL. Teachers, want to take a class to connect live with the NFL Hall of Fame Museum? There are seventeen options to choose from, including science, art, women in NFL, African American Trailblazers, and more.

Maze Runner Series author, James Dashner

If you have a dream, or deep desire of something, you have to put in the passion, the practice, and the work to make it a reality. James Dashner, Maze Runner Series author (amongst many other book titles) was even an accountant as he pushed through all the barriers to become the author he is now. This incredibly inspiring session will leave you believing in the power of dedication and self-belief. Check out two of James's favorite current young adult authors (that he mentions), Leigh Bardugo and Brandon Sanderson. Are you an inspiring writer and looking to get recognition and opportunities? Check out New York Public Library's Writing Contest Page.

The Wow Factor of Primates

Did you know humans are not the only primates? We humans have special features that link us to all the other primates in the world. This session introduces fascinating primate research conducted by Professor and Behavioral Primate Ecologist, Julie Teichroeb. Check out more on Primate Features. Learn more about primates on Britannica Kids. This Youtube learning video shares more about primates. Curious about monkeys? Check out this learning video. Love images of monkeys and other primates, check out the National Geographic Slideshow.

Traveling the World as a Filmmaker and Science Communicator

Imagine a career where you get to do what you love, travel the world, and be a part of history in the making. Justin Grubb, co-founder of Running Wild Media, takes us on a journey, through film and images, to see projects around the world that are discovering new species, saving endangered species, and using art to honor extinct species. After seeing this, you might just like the idea of becoming a Science Communicator, yourself! Check out the Saving Red Wolves Project Justin got to be a part of here. Planet Indonesia is an epic project that Justin uses his artistic filmmaking to be involved. Interested in checking out more about the coral searching in Brazil? Check out Hope For Reefs. Have questions for Justin, or want to see more of his filmmaking? Check out Running Wild Media.

Exploring the Wonders of Madagascar

Madagascar is a world anomaly because of its unique location, formation, habitation, and wildlife. Come explore what Planet Madagascar founder, Travis Steffens, has discovered and why it all matters. Become introduced to some of the most unique landscapes and animals on the planet and why their survival is essential. Check out this short video Planet Madagascar made about fire here. To learn more about Planet Madagascar go here. Interested in learning about the fascinating career of being a primatologist, check out Travis's TED Talk. Learn all sorts of fun information about Madagascar by checking out Kid's World Travel Guide and Nat Geo Kids. Curious what the traditional houses in Madagascar look like? Check out the Smithsonian exhibit.

Understanding Climate Change for Kids

Have you wondered about why there are so many more wildfires, floods, and natural disasters than ever before? In this powerful session, live from India, Dr. Bharti Chhibber shows us through images and discussion, what is happening in the world and what is causing it. The planet needs all of our help! Learn what you and your peers can do to be part of the solution. Check out the visual learning, games, and activities at NASA Climate Kids program. Curious about what we can do to help? Check out what National Geographic Kids has to offer. Understanding climate basics can be challenging. Check out the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions information. Check out way cool learning and activities on Climate Change at the American Museum of Natural History.

Saving the World with Celine Cousteau

Celine Cousteau, the granddaughter of the late Jacques Cousteau, has spent her life caring about the environment and working to protect the planet for everyone, especially indigenous people who live on the lands in the Amazon Rainforest, which are being threatened. Her documentary project, Tribes on the Edge, shows the world what is happening in the Amazon. This session begins with viewing trailers for her recent documentary, moves into sharing her TED talk, and then connects live with Celine to learn from this passionate global changemaker. To learn more about Celine (or to ask her questions), go to her website. To learn more about what is happening in the world, and how young people can help, check out the world's largest lesson. Find out what YOU can do to be part of the solution. To learn more about conservation around the world and what is happening, check out Conservation International.

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Speaking Truth with Jewell Parker Rhodes

Jewell Parker Rhodes holds nothing back in sharing her inspirations for her books. She has a power to share events in a way that allows young people to understand the complex challenges in the world around major events and racism. This incredibly powerful session leaves viewers empowered to use their own voice, speak their truths, and think about the complexity of the world around them. Any questions you may have for Jewell Parker Rhodes, please email Ms. Carton and she will pass them along. Interested in getting your writing heard? Check out the Society of Young Inklings. To learn more about The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color, check out this TED talk. See the Just Us Project PSA that was shared by Mrs. Rhodes. To see another powerful youth message, check out The Lie

Clare Prebble

Discovering Whale Sharks with Clare Prebble

Whale Sharks have some incredible adaptations that we, as a world, are just now beginning to discover! Dive in as we travel to Mozambique, Africa to learn about the mysterious Whale Sharks from Clare Prebble, a top Whale Shark scientist and learn why Mozambique and the Galapagos are a key place to study the world's largest fish. There is so much about Whale Sharks that is just now being discovered. You'll get all that knowledge in this session. Learn more about Whale Sharks and sightings. To learn more about Clare and her incredible wildlife photography, check out her website.

Fiddle Master, Angela Oudean

Learning about stringed instruments and listening to live music are a great way to start any learning session. Come check out what a music master sounds like as you learn about life as a musician, watch the #2 CMA Video (also located here) and enjoy special requests for a variety of music styles. Be prepared to be inspired to become a musician yourself! Interested in learning about and creating your own music from home? Check out Chrome Music Lab. Want to learn more about the fiddle? Go to Kiddle!

Australia's Most Venomous

Be blown away by the incredible scientific learning provided by the Nemo Dude for Down Under, Jamie Seymour, who runs the top venom lab in the world in Australia. Check out the live lab as we discover the incredible aspects of the Stonefish, Sea horses, Sea turtles, and more. If after watching you have more questions, email MC the Global Librarian. Explore more about the stonefish here. Learn more about Jamie's favorite animal, Velvet worms, here and also here.

Save the Manatee Club

Did you know that manatees are related to land mammals and not whales and sharks? Did you also know that manatees need our help? Learn all about these incredibly playful and curious mammals in this live session with Save the Manatee Club, as well as learn how to help save this incredible species. Learn more about Manatees at Save the Manatee. Check out the live webcams of the manatees here. If you have questions about the manatees, you can send those to and get your answers directly from the experts. 

Diving Underwater with Humpback Whales

Swim along as we discover all about the majesty of humpback whales with Ron Watkins who has the incredible career of being able to swim with whales and sharks, taking stunning photographs along the way. Follow the link to listen to a humpback whale song. To see Ron's incredible underwater photography of many species, go to Ron's website. Check out Nat Geo to learn more about humpback whales.

Robin Yardi

Connecting Passion to Reading & Writing

Donuts anyone? In this session, learn to connect your passion with what you read and write to make your experience more enjoyable. Lots of tips and tricks are shared in this session by incredible children's author, Robin Yardi. Learn more about donut fun, Robin's books, and fun writing-starter activities to get your brain thinking. Learn about the history of donuts.  See kids try 100 years of donuts at Epicurious.

Invasive species

Endangered, Native, and Invasive ... Oh My!

Check out this fun learning video about Endangered, Native, and Invasive Species. In this lesson, Ranger Randi joins us live from the Ten-Tom Waterway in Tennessee to share what wildlife biologists are doing to protect the land in the southeastern part of the United States. Go here and here to learn more about the invasive species in our country.

Mr. Rainier

Living with Volcanos

Join this journey with Ranger Ben live at Mount Rainier as he teaches us about volcanoes and why geologists from around the world go to Mount Rainier to study the volcanoes and glaciers that shape the landscape. Learn more aboutthe most devastating volcano in history. Learn more about Mount Rainier. Learn about Mount St. Helens' eruptions in recent history.

Kim Ventrella

Embracing the Strange with Author Kim Ventrella

Kim Ventrella, popular middle-grade author, playfully guides viewers through the strange, macabre, odd, and weird, to inspire us in becoming authors. Curious how to become a writer, how to get your materials published, and overcoming the unique challenges? This is the place for you! To check out more about Kim, have questions for the author, or order a personalized copies of her books go to her cool website.

Connecting Writing and Drawing with Children's Author, Peter Raymundo 

Peter Raymundo, Disney illustrator turned author, shares his really cool, easy to follow, writing process with us. Make sure to grab a sketch book as he guides us through two drawing tutorials and introduces us to digital drawing. To check out all the greatness about Peter, visit his website. Check out one of his book-trailer videos. You can get his books at Barnes and Noble. Interested in taking a drawing lesson with Peter? Download these drawing guides.

Sharks for Kids

Diving into Shark Biology

Learn how to be a shark biologist with Sharks 4 Kids founder, Jillian Morris, whose aim is to help young people understand the beauty and uniqueness of sharks, in order to become shark advocates. There are lots of great resources at the Sharks 4 Kids website including more shark ambassador virtual field trips that families and classes can attend! Check out this video about sharks.


Journey to Yellowstone

Learn about, and see, Yellowstone's Mammals with Ranger Matt live from the ranger studio at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Check out all these cool Yellowstone videos for kids. Check out Yellowstone's website for kids. Watch live cams at Yellowstone here.

World Lemur Day, October 30

Join Global Education Alaska and Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants as we travel to Toronto, North Carolina, and Madagascar on World Lemur Day, October 30th, to learn about how to preserve the world's most threatened species. Discover more about Lemur Conservation. Learn about the Duke Lemur Center. Learn about Ring-Tailed Lemurs at National Geographic Kids and at Kiddle. Learn about the Aye-Aye Lemurs at National Geographic. Listen to the singing Indri Lemur on YouTube.

Jill Heinerth

Underwater Explorer and Author

Become captivated as we dive deep into the ocean and career of Underwater Explorer and Author, Jill Heinerth. This highly visual presentation fascinates the crowd, encouraging us all to become explorers. Learn more about Jill. Interested in becoming an explorer, check out National Geographic Kids.

Castle visit

Hearst Castle

Ever wondered what it's like to visit a castle? Did you know we have an epic castle with a great story, and 165 rooms, right here in our own country? Come visit the 100 year-old Hearst Castle with Interpreter Tracy. Find out more and explore more about Hearst Castle here.

Wonder Lab and Xploration Outer Space

Explore Outer Space

Emily Calandrelli, host of Emily's Wonder Lab and Xploration Outer Space, shares with us the exciting world of science and space. This special session begins with Ms. Carton's favorite episode of Emily's Wonder Lab, then Emily herself joins us LIVE. Explore more about The Space Gal. If you would like to check out read alouds performed from outer space, go to Story Time From Space. To learn more about engineering, check out this video: What's an Engineer. To check out engineering projects, go to Science Kids. For fun learning all about space, check out National Geographic Space.

Rescuing big wild cats and bears

Rescuing Big Wild Cats and Bears

We join Outreach Educator, Beckie, at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge to learn all about rescuing big wildcats and bears from people who tried to own these animals as pets and for-profit fake zoos. In "Predator, Not Pets," learn about the laws, stories, and how this center gives a second life to wild species. Learn more about the center and the animals. Check out a video of the animals playing.

J. Scott Savage, Children's Author

J. Scott Savage, popular children's author, shows us how easy and fun it is to create stories, become authors, and Find Our Magic! This is a fun approach as writers and students create an original story with the author. To check out all the fun resources, check out his website. If students write stories and send them to him (through his website), he will post your story on his website! Check out this book trailer for J. Scott Savage's newest book: Lost in Wonderland.

Jobs in Tech

Careers in Technology

Do you REALLY enjoy technology? Many of the best jobs in the world are based around technology. Tracey Rowley introduces us to the top jobs and some fun facts about careers in the tech industry. To learn more about careers in technology, go here: Family Education, Science Kids, and Animation Basics.

Cheetah's, Big Cats, and Conservation

Cheetahs, Big Cats, and Conservation

Learn all about preserving big cat populations through tracking with Field Scientist Kate Vanelli. Kate takes us on a journey to learn how scientists are working to help the endangered cheetahs and the challenges they face. To explore more about big cats, go here: Kids Discover Big Cats, National Geographic Explore, National Geographic Quizzes, Kidopedia Big Cats.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Come check out Ranger Leah as we explore Alaska's glaciers, why we have a national park for our glaciers, and the crazy facts that make Alaska's glaciers unique! For further exploration, check out these vidoes: Glacier Shape Landscapes, Formation of Glaciers, Climate Change Solutions for Kids.

Sensational Sea Jellies with California Ports (Grade K-3)

Sea Jellies are pretty spectacular. Check out these unique creatures in this primary age-based session out of San Diego, California. Follow along to draw your own jelly with the group. For further exploration, check out these: Jellies Under the Sea Ice, and All about Jellies.

Bat Lady

The World of Bats

The "Bat Lady," Kristen Lear, takes us on a soaring adventure into the world of the batty keystone creatures. This is so enjoyable! 

Learn about Alpacas

Three Oaks Farm

Pam Purce takes us on a windy tour of Three Oaks Farm to visit and learn about Alpacas and the Camelids family. Check out these cute creatures while learning about the process of farming Alpacas. 

Sensational Sea Jellies

California PORTS: Sensational Sea Jellies

Interpreter Lucy takes us to the beach where we dive deep to learn about the superior powers of the sea jellies (which are not fish at all). This session covers fun facts, anatomy, and conservation.

Columbian Plant Disease Scientist

Columbian Plant Disease Scientist: Alvaro Perez

Did you know that the vegetables and fruit you eat now are different (some are completely different) than they were 100 years ago? There are a lot of plants in danger because of humans and we can take part in the solution! This scientist has worked all over the world understanding the causes of dying plants.

Fiddle mastermind, Angela Oudean

Fiddle Mastermind, Angela Oudean

Get pumped up by the instruction and fiddle playing of Alaska's best fiddle player, Angela Oudean. she shares lots of musical knowledge and various instruments, including her life as a traveling professional musician, in this fast-paced, fun session. 

Bear and Moose Safety

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Think you know all there is to know about moose and bear in Alaska? Think again! Tom Griffin joins us with Moose and Bear Safety, leaving you eager to be outside and feeling confident to avoid trouble with nature's biggest species.

Learn about sharks

Sharks 4 Kids

Dive into shark science learning with Sharks 4 Kids founder, Jillian Morris, whose love of the ocean and its conservation has led her to a unique perspective of what lurks just below, and deep below, the water. Make sure to check out the Sharks 4 Kids website for lots of epic learning.

Venomous creatures video

Australia Toxinologist Jamie Seymour

Live from Australia, top Toxinologist Jamie Seymour teaches us about the world's most venomous creatures and how anti-venom is created using these amazing species. You won't want to skip this one!

Sugar Pine State Park

Sugar Pine State Park at Lake Tahoe

Learn about the importance of Watersheds while visiting Sugar Pine State Park at Lake Tahoe at California Ports State Park with Ranger Stephanie.

Music with Allie Sealey

Learn about music, writing lyrics, and performing before an audience. Live from Nashville.

Underwater Photograhy from Alaska and Beyond

Underwater Photography from Alaska and Beyond with Ron Watkins.