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We believe learning should be exciting, memorable, and engaging! Virtual Field Trips & Virtual Learning are an incredible way to connect personally with the world to learn directly from the experts. From musicians to scientists, conservationists and farmers, Library LIVE brings you the experts right to your personal learning space.

If you missed a session, you can still learn by clicking on the sessions below, watching, learning, and creating questions. If you have questions you would like answered, send us a message and we will get it straight to expert! 

Learn about Alpacas

3 Oaks Farm

Pam Purce takes us on a windy tour of 3 Oaks Farm to visit with, and learn about Alpacas and the Camelids family. Check out these cute creatures, while learning about the process of farming Alpacas. 

Learn about sharks

Sharks 4 Kids

Dive into the shark science learning with Sharks 4 Kids founder, Jillian Morris, who's love of the ocean and conservation has led her to a unique perspective of what lurks just below, and deep below, the water. Make sure to check out the Sharks 4 Kids website for lots of epic learning.

Castle visit

Hearst Castle

Ever wondered what it's like to visit a castle? Did you know we have an epic castle, with a great story, right here in our own country? Come learn and visit 165 year old Hearst Castle with interpreter Tracy.

Venomous creatures video

Australia Toxinologist Jamie Seymour

Live from Australia, top Toxinologist, Jamie Seymour, teaches us about the world's most venomous creatures and how anti-venom is created using these amazing species. You won't want to skip this one!

Bat Lady

The World of Bats

The "Bat Lady," Kristen Lear, takes us on a soaring adventure into the world of the batty keystone creatures. This is so enjoyable! 

Sugar Pine State Park

Sugar Pine State Park at Lake Tahoe

Learn about the importance of Watersheds while visiting Sugar Pine State Park at Lake Tahoe with California Ports State Park and Ranger Stephanie.

Music with Allie Sealey

Learn about music, writing lyrics and performing before an audience. Live from Nashville.

Underwater Photograhy from Alaska and Beyond

Underwater Photography from Alaska and Beyond with Ron Watkins.