Alaska and Bats, Oh My! It's the Bat Lady!

"Bat" for another session, with even more "batty" information, we host The Bat Lady, Kristen Lear, to learn about the five Alaskan bats, check out adaptations of the over 1,400 species of bats, and ask lots of questions about what makes bats unique. Did you know bats are the only true flying mammal? This and other amazing facts along with incredible visuals in photos and videos, guide us to understand a bit more about why bats are SO important to our world and so exciting to learn about! Want to learn more about helping to save the bats? Become a part of The Bat Squad at Bat Conservation International. Want to learn more about Kristen Lear, and reach out to The Bat Lady? Check out her website. The Homeschool Scientist has all sorts of batty activities and interesting facts about bats. Maybe your class would be interested in adopting a bat? See Bat World Sanctuary Kid's Page. Turn your batty adventures into bat crafts with the resources at If you want to have your very own bat house and help in the conservation process, check out this one on Amazon, (which ships to Alaska-YAY!).

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