Inviting and Igniting Young Engineers 

Most of us have heard of Engineering ... but do we really know what engineers do? Engineers are changing the world as we know it — and we are all born as natural engineers. So, how do we embrace our inner engineer and gain excitement about solving the world's problems? This session will leave students ignited to explore engineering. A great way to start is by learning how to make your very own video game! All the resources and inspiration are delivered in this session with our spectacular global engineer, Alex Cordes, with Understated Engineering,  live from Norway. We learn that over half the cars in Norway are electric. Check out Green Car Reports to learn why. Interested in playing a video game that allows you to be an engineer? We all know Minecraft is awesome, but also check out Stardew Valley. Empowering scientists and artists of the future, Arduino has cool education resources for teachers and students. Tinkercad is another great way to engage students in engineering. Like the idea of building a solar racecar? Check out the Bridgestone Solar World Challenge. Find air-based, super-speed-levitation travel as fascinating as we do? Check out Hyperloop and one particular collaborative group, Paradigm Hyperloop. Learn more about space visionary Elon Musk and Space X. Wow, check out the walking robots at Boston Dynamics. Check out this video to learn more about Hydrofoils. For more engineering activities, see Global Education Alaska homepage and Fun-a-Day

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