NASA Psyche Mission to the Asteroid Belt

NASA Psyche Mission, launching in August 2021, will be a unique exploration to the asteroid Psyche, which, with metal as a building block of planet formation, may open up a whole new world of learning about the formation of planets. Learn more about this fascinating mission, and explore the learning resources at Psyche's website. Learn more by watching Meteors at Mr. DeMaio's video. Find out about the formation of the planet (planetesimal) at Peekaboo Kidz. Learn about a planetesimal, or the beginning (small) formation of a planet, at Universe Today . A fascinating piece of today's Space Exploration shares about the Europa Clipper (Moon of Jupiter). The best part is checking out SkyView, the app that allows you to explore the sky and be told right away what you are looking at. Download SkyView - an app that helps you explore the sky in real time for ipad and iphone here and on Google Play.

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