Life in the Tidal Area

Tidal World

Across the globe, tidal zones of the marine environment are collectively their own little worlds. Depending on water temperatures and the makeup of the shoreline, an amazing arrangement of little creatures call it "home." These images were taken in Prince William Sound and Gustavus, Alaska.

Top left-clockwise: Tiny and delicate Sea Anemone about the size of a quarter.

Sand Dollars have shell patterns and shapes that are unique as your fingerprints.

The brilliant five-arm Vermillion Star briefly set on clear glacier ice for contrast.

Another tiny and delicate Sea Anemone but very well-camouflaged in the sand.

This intricate little jellyfish is less than a quarter-inch long, just a speck in the countless macro-zooplankton that exists in all oceans.

A deep blue and purple colored Morning Sun Star with 15 legs crawls in the eel grass and sand above low tide.

All images © Dave Parkhurst