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Learn coding

Grasshopper Coding

With Grasshopper, a free coding app for beginners, you can easily learn and understand coding without any previous experience. In as little as five minutes a day, you can complete lessons, quizzes and visual puzzles to build your coding skills.

Lots of lessons

Khan Academy

Free resources to keep everyone learning. Daily schedules for students ages 4-18 to keep them learning. See the schedule here.

Virtual field trips

Link to Virtual Learning Opportunities and Virtual Field Trips

Links to Virtual Learning Opportunities and Virtual Field Trips.

BBC lessons

BBC for Age 11-16 & 16+

BBC offers daily educational content from languages to math and science to history and geography for ages 11-16 and over 16.

University courses


Many University courses offered free (with no credit). Courses include music, teaching skills, and art. Also many micro-courses.

Art & Drawing

Art Starts for Kids

Find tools, information, and opportunities to help young artists build their creative confidence: Free art lessons and latest artwork submissions.

Study art

National Gallery of Art

From Byzantine altarpieces to pop art, learn all about paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs, and other works in the collection. Browse the collection and make connections among objects you know and newly discovered masterpieces.

The Louvre, Paris, France

The Louvre, Paris, France

Learn about the Elements of Art through videos that provide an in-depth look at art-related concepts through a lively approach based on visual demonstration.

Dav Pilkey at Home

Get creative and have fun with some of your favorite characters from Dog Man and Captain Underpants! Enjoy archived activities and videos and check back for new every Friday.


Study history

BBC History

Listen to BBC History for "History as told by the people who were there."

History of Nature

Life on Earth by David Attenborough

Ten episodes of a history of nature written and read by David Attenborough and presented by the BBC.

History activities

BBC History Extra

World History Podcast offers podcasts three times a week, featuring interviews with notable historians talking about topics spanning ancient history through recent British to American events. Search the archives for topics.

Watch history videos

History Channel

Watch full episodes of your favorite HISTORY series, and dive into thousands of historical articles and videos. See what happened on this day in history.



Follow the links on the History of the United States Wikipedia page to read about Early America to the present times. The history of other countries can be followed by searching for "History" of the country you are interested in studying.

Nature & Science

Bird Identification

This workshop covers basic birdwatching tools, fundamentals of bird ID, and an overview of some bird groups found in Saskatchewan and the Canadian Prairies.

Bird id

Duke Gardens

Duke University brings you expert advice on what to grow, where to grow it and how to take care of it.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Climb the highest mountains, dive into the deepest canyons, and explore the earth's cities with Google Earth.

Google Mars

Explore Mars

Explore the regions, mountains, dunes, and canyons of Mars with Google Mars. Listen to stories of Nasa’s missions to the Moon. Season 1: the first Moon landing, Apollo 11. Season 2: the near disaster of Apollo 13.

Watch the Stars

Google Sky

Learn more about the solar system, constellations, planets and stars in our sky.

Study the body

Study the Human Body

Zygote Body illustrations show the human body from all angles. Explore the muscles, bones, and internal organs.

Take a plant quiz

Learn about Plants and Animals

Fill in your state and quiz yourself on plant and animal identifications.

Learn about plants

All About Plants

Learn about plants through with articles, photos, and a plant database. Learn how to identify plants, learn about each plant's role in the ecosystem, its native and introduced range, and related conservation issues. See what region you are in.

Study the ocean

Bay Nature

Bay Nature explores what El Niño, the Pacific Ocean phenomenon, means. The explanation for El Niño has been revealed only slowly, piece by piece over a century, as dedicated researchers in far-flung locations searched for explanations for the droughts and deluges they witnessed.

Learn more about birds

Ontario Field Ornithologists

Read back issues of Ontario Birds, learn where to see birds, and more. Many Ontario birds are also found in Alaska or the rest of the United States.


Take photography lessons

Professional Photographers of America

Create a free account to access over 1,100+ online classes. PPA is opening ALL of our online education to ALL photographers and small business owners worldwide for the until the end of May. Limited time.

Photographing dogs

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz is and Alaska photographer. Watch videos and learn to shoot sled dogs. Faces of Iditarod: How I Capture Portraits of Iditarod Dogs and Capturing Dog Teams in Motion.

Study art and music


CreativeLive offers free viewing of new classes. Classes change weekly and cover photography, art and design, music and audio, crafts, and more.

Photo lessons

Fujifilm Photo Lessons

Focus on the basic skills that will lay the foundation for you to become a better photographer. Sign up for free weekly photo lessons.

Nikon school

Nikon School Online

Nikon is providing all of their courses free. Fundamentals and beyond, macro photography, and landscape. Limited time.

Marc Silber activities

Marc Silber

Subscribe to Advancing Your Photography by Marc Silber on YouTube. Marc Silber says "At heart, I'm a story-teller. For me, Photography and Filmmaking reaches it's zenith when it's used to tell great stories."

How to articles


PetaPixel offers tutorials, tips, photographers stories, information on equipment and more. Many how to do articles.

Canon lessons


Canon offers photography tips, tutorials and events to help you master photography.

Reading & Writing

Write a story

New York Times

Here’s the beginning and middle of a new funny story — and now your challenge is to finish it. Find tips for the writing process and suggestions for how you can share the story once you’re done.

"Write. Right. Rite." Series

Jason Reynolds, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, shares his passion for storytelling while discussing topics like creativity, connection, and imagination. At the end of each video,he shares a prompt that encourages young people to work toward a specific idea.

Listen to Shakespeare


Patrick Stewart is reading every shakespeare sonnet on Instagram: One a Day “to Keep the Doctor Away.”

& More

Math Card Games

16 Card Games That Will Turn Your Students Into Math Aces. Grab a few decks of playing cards.

Guy's interviews

Guy Kawasaki

On the Remarkable People Podcast Guy Kawasaki interviews remarkable people from all walks of life. Recent interviews include Leon Panetta: Former White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, and Secretary of Defense, Chris Bertish – Big Waves, Big Ocean, and Big Dreams, and Sir Ken Robinson: Creativity Expert, Author, and Viral TED Speaker. Always someone unexpected. All past interviews are available.

Free access to World Book

World Book Inc.

World BookOnline Covid -19 offers access to their databases within World Book Online. Limited time.

Kids encyclopedia

Kids Encyclopedia Facts

Kiddle Encyclopedia is a searchable encyclopedia.