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Bear and Moose Safety

Alaska Department of Wildlife Fish & Game

Think you know all there is to know about moose and bear in Alaska? Think again! Tom Griffin joins us with Moose & Bear Safety, leaving you eager to be outside and feeling confident to avoid trouble with nature's biggest species.

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Sensational Sea Jellies

California PORTS: Sensational Sea Jellies

Interpreter Lucy takes us to the beach, where we dive deep to learn about the superior powers of the sea jellies (which are not fish at all). This session covers fun facts, anatomy, and conservation.

Columbian Plant Disease Scientist

Columbian Plant Disease Scientist: Alvaro Perez

Did you know that the vegetables and fruit you eat now are different (some are completely different) than they were 100 years ago? There are a lot of plants in danger because of humans and we can take part in the solution! This scientist has worked all over the world, understanding the causes of dying plants.

Cheetah's, Big Cats, and Conservation

Learn all about preserving big cat populations through tracking, with field scientist Kate Vanelli. Kate takes us on a journey to learn how scientists are working to help the endangered cheetahs and the challenges they face.

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Global Connect for Isolated Times

Sign up with Flipgrid

Young people around the world need to connect and feel connected with each other now more than ever. Come join us! Interested in connecting over Flipgrid or having young people reach out to each other? Send us a message here requesting the password


Book Club for Kids is the award-winning podcast where kids talk about books. The Times of London calls it one of the world's top 10 kidcasts. Common Sense Media rates it "excellent." The New York Times says the "virtual gathering space for young readers feels more vital than ever in the social distancing era."

This summer, they will feature kids who participate in library Summer Reading programs across the country. It's easy:

- find the voice memo or recording app on a smartphone

- set the level somewhere in the middle

- have the reader introduce her/himself as:

Hi, my name is - (first name only)

I'm from - (what city)

And my library is - (what's the name of your library)

My favorite book is - (what's the title of your book)

Because - (not the plot, but why YOU like this book and why you'd recommend it to someone else)

Email the audio files to us at kitty@bookclubforkids.org.

OR: Your child can just call them at 323-639-3560 and follow the script.

Ms. Carton

Michelle Carton

Michelle Carton, ASD Elementary K-6 Librarian, was chosen by Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) as Librarian Media Specialist of the Year.

“This award honors a librarian or media specialist who improves their library using technology. He or she collaborates with administrators, teachers, and students to support technology integration,” according to TCEA. Read more here.

What's Global Citizenship?

What's Global Citizenship?

With so many variations, how do you define it? Discover more.

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Why Alaska?

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